About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a keen blogger and you can also find me at my other sites Skinny Spending and Discount Days Out. As both focus on personal finance and saving money, I created Gin & Gemini as a place to blog about the other aspects of my lifestyle.

Why Gin & Gemini?

I’m not particularly into astrology, however I am a Gemini (and I’m rather partial to a gin!) Other than that, Geminis are said to be creative, adaptable and infamously have two sides. Thankfully this doesn’t mean I’m two faced – but I want this blog to the other side of my life away from parenting, side hustling and money saving!

Here you will find posts about gaming, DIY & Craft projects, book reviews, product reviews, secondhand finds and other bits and pieces.

Get in Touch

You can contact me at hello@ginandgemini.co.uk, or if you would like to work with me, see my contact page for full details.