What Features Does Twitter Have for Marketers?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, with more than 300 million active users tweeting every single day. But what features does Twitter have for marketers? What can you do to get your business seen by all these people? What does Twitter offer for marketers that other social networks don’t provide? Let’s look at some of the best features you might want to use to master using Twitter for business.

Use Twitter Lists to see your favorites

Lists are a popular Twitter feature and one of our favorite features for companies. This is because it allows you to concentrate on specific people and interact with them more easily. You may also establish private lists to keep track of your competitors.

Lists can be created on your smartphone app or on a PC. To add a new list, go to Lists on your mobile device or the list icon on your computer and click the list icon with a plus sign.

Create a new list and give it a description. You might make several lists based on news reports, suppliers, industry representatives, and intellectual leaders. If you follow a lot of accounts, this is particularly beneficial.

If you do not check the ‘Make private’ box, your list will be publicly accessible. Accounts will be alerted when you add them if you leave this box unchecked.

When you’ve created a few lists, you’ll see a pin symbol beside them. To add your list to the top of your smartphone’s Twitter home page, tap this symbol. Your pinned lists appear at the top of your list page on the desktop.

Pin a Tweet Permanently

Twitter is a fantastic marketing instrument for any organization, big or little, and it’s why having an excellent Twitter profile is so crucial. The good news is that you may pin one tweet to your profile permanently on Twitter.

The goal of this is to distinguish a certain tweet so that you may promote it more effectively.

Simply enter your login details and pick a tweet to pin. At the bottom right of the tweet, click (or tap when using the mobile app) on the menu symbol. Now choose “Pin to your profile page” or “Pin to your profile” (for mobile).

That tweet will remain on your profile page until you edit it.

Use the built-in scheduling feature to send Tweets at the right time

Do you want to send a great tweet idea but don’t know when the ideal moment is? Or do you simply want to publish a tweet on Saturday without having to worry about working over the weekend? We have excellent news for you: you can now schedule tweets on Twitter on your personal computer.

When you first start a new Twitter message, you’ll see a symbol that looks like a calendar and clock. The icons for uploading pictures, GIFs, and emojis are adjacent to this one. This will allow you to schedule your tweet to be shared at any date in the next 18 months by clicking on it.

You can also change the date and time for your tweets at the bottom of the scheduling box. This will allow you to modify or delete them.

Attach Up To 4 Images in a Tweet

Adding images to your tweets can significantly boost engagement by more than 300 percent, and it’s a good idea to use relevant photos to go with your message. Did you know, on the other hand, that you may include up to four pictures in a tweet?

But there’s more! You may tag up to 10 people for each photo, quadrupling your exposure while keeping your 140-character limit.

While you can upload up to four pictures to a tweet, only one animated gif is allowed.

You may upload photos to your tweet in a variety of ways, including through the official Twitter app for iOS phones, Android mobile phones, or Windows PCs.

Images are essential in a tweet, and their importance can’t be overstated… Don’t forget that images may help you expand your message without exceeding the 140 character limit.

Make use of Advanced Search

If you know the terms, you may also use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature to get ahead of your competition.

You can:

  • Find tweets from people in your local area
  • Search for specific types of marketing content
  • Look for brand mentions
  • Do more in-depth research on a topic
  • Look at interactions between your accounts and others
  • Save searches to easily access them again

Only on the web app is Advanced Search available. To use it, put a keyword in the search bar, then “More options,” and “Advanced Search.” Fill in the blanks as desired and press “Search.”

Customize Tweet Alerts

Chances are, you read a lot of tweets on a daily basis, so you might miss out on important ones during your lunch break.

If you want to be alerted when specific individuals or firms tweet, you can modify your Twitter account to send you text messages whenever a new tweet is published. You won’t miss it like this.

If you want a particular movie star or singer to take an interest in your company, for example, you must first understand what interests them. You may do so by establishing a tweet notification on their account.

It’s a cinch to create alerts for specific people. Simply log in to your Twitter account, go to the user profile you wish to follow, and click the button next to the “Following” button.

You can enable mobile notifications by selecting “Turn on mobile notifications” from the drop-down menu, which will prompt you to “Set up your phone.” Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re good to go. 

Making the most of Twitter marketing features

We’ve looked at how you can schedule tweets, create tweet alerts with text messages, attach up to four pictures in a tweet, as well as use Advanced Search. These features all make it easier to use the platform for your business without it taking a huge amount of your business time.

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