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Where to Write To Santa This Christmas

While a certain amount of magic can mean that a letter addressed simply to “Santa Claus, The North Pole” may reach its destination, many parents and children want to make sure that their letters are properly addressed.

Even though we all know Santa resides in the North Pole, the address to ensure the letter reaches him can vary depending on the country you are in, so the elves have the best chance of sorting the mail appropriately.

In this post, we’ve listed Santa’s official postal address in several English speaking countries.

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Santa’s Official Address in the USA

Since 1912, the USPO has been operating USPS Operation Santa. Every year, thousands of children send letters addressed to Santa, and through this program, their wishes find their way to generous volunteers across the nation. The letters are meticulously reviewed, anonymized, and showcased on the USPS website, ready for adoption by kind-hearted individuals who are eager to spread holiday cheer.

In 2022 alone, the program saw an astounding response, with over 25,000 letters finding adoptive Santas and over 18,000 packages making their way to children in need.

Santa’s official USPS address: SANTA CLAUS, 123 ELF ROAD, NORTH POLE, 88888

Santa’s Official Address in the UK

The UK’s Royal Mail offer a similar service where letters sent to Father Christmas’s official UK address will receive a reply from Santa. However, you need to be organised and get it there by November 30th!

Santa’s official UK address is:

In Welsh: Sion Corn, Ogof Sion Corn, Gwlad Y Ceirw, XM4 5HQ.

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Santa’s Official Address in Australia

The Australian Post Office offers the Santa Mail program to get mail sent to Santa and a reply if you include a stamped addressed envelope. Full instructions are included on their website, but the Australian address for Santa is:


Santa’s Official Address in New Zealand

In New Zealand, kids can choose to handwrite their letter or email him! All the information can be found at the NZ Post’s Write to Santa page.

Santa’s official New Zealand address is:

Santa Claus,

c/o Santa’s Workshop,

North Pole 0001.

Make sure the name and address are written clearly on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send a reply.

Post the letter in a post box or at an NZ Post retail outlet.

Letters to Santa don’t require a postage stamp.

Letter to Santa Writing Kit

This Christmas letter to Santa writing kit contains everything your child needs to write their Christmas wishes to Father Christmas!

Including a writing prompt template, envelope addressed to Santa as well as blank Christmas letter writing paper for kids who prefer not to use a writing prompt.

Also includes BONUS 6 Christmas colouring pages (in a separate pdf file).

Create Your Own Letter From Santa

If you’ve missed the deadline in your country to receive an official reply, don’t worry. Firstly, remember that the essence of writing to Santa lies not just in the destination of the letter, but in the joy and imagination it brings to your child. We also have several editable and printable resources to help!

Editable Letter From Santa – Free Canva Account Required

This editable letter from Santa is an ideal Christmas Eve delivery to your child to let them know they are on the nice list! The contents of the letter is completely customisable in Canva with a FREE account.

You can simply add in your child’s name, or change the wording to personalise the letter. For example, maybe you would like to mention a recent act of kindness Santa has noticed that has secured your child’s place on the nice list. Add in any personal details you like or even reword the whole letter if you choose!

Ideal to add into a Christmas Eve box. As this pdf is instant download, it’s an ideal last minute addition to your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Not sure how to edit in Canva? Check out our guide How to Edit in Canva with a walkthough video.

Printable / Non-editable Letter from Santa

Just want a done for you letter you can print out? Don’t worry, we have a non-editable version of the letter from Santa too! Simply write on your child’s name by hand.

Warning Letter From Santa!

Does your child need a gentle reminder about their behavior as Christmas approaches? This editable warning letter from Santa template could be just what you need! The contents of the letter is completely customisable in Canva with a FREE account.

You can simply add in your child’s name, or change the wording to personalise the letter. For example, maybe a teacher has noticed a change in attitude? Add in any personal details you like or even reword the whole letter if you choose!

Will your child write to Santa this Christmas?

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, taking the time to help your child write a letter to Santa is a precious moment to cherish. Whether you choose to send it through traditional postal channels or opt for a more modern approach, the important thing is to keep the spirit of wonder and generosity alive in your child’s heart.

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