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Halloween Bachelorette Party Ideas: Bride or Die!

Hosting a bachelorette party is one of the most exciting events leading up to the wedding day. It’s a chance for the bride-to-be to let loose with her closest friends and celebrate the end of her single life. And if you’re arranging this for October, what better way to do that than with a Halloween-themed bachelorette party?

In this article, we will explore some of the best Halloween-themed bachelorette party ideas to help you plan the perfect event. Whether you’re looking for spooky decorations, festive drinks, or fun games, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your broomsticks and get ready for a wickedly good time!

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Choosing the Perfect Date

When it comes to planning a Halloween-themed bachelorette party, choosing the perfect date is crucial. You want to make sure that the date you choose works for all the guests, and that it gives you enough time to plan and prepare for the party. And obviously, being on or around Halloween would make sense!

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect date for your Halloween-themed bachelorette party:

Consider the Guests’ Schedules

Before you set a date, make sure to check with all the guests to see if there are any conflicts. You don’t want to plan the party on a day when most of the guests are unavailable, especially if any have young children who may have Halloween parties and events. Consider sending out a poll or survey to determine the best date for everyone.

Plan Ahead

Halloween is a busy time of year, so make sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time to prepare for the party and for your guests to make sure they are free. Consider starting the planning process at least two to three months in advance to ensure that everything is in order.

Halloween Themed Invitations

Invitations set the tone for the event and give guests a glimpse of what they can expect. You can create your own invitations, or buy editable designs to customise with your own information.

Editable Digital invitations are increasing in popularity, and can be sent instantly while still incorporating the key design themes.

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Venue Selection

When it comes to hosting a Halloween-themed bachelorette party, the venue selection and decoration play a crucial role in setting the mood for a spooky celebration. Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor venues as well as decoration tips to make the party unforgettable.

Indoor Venues

For an indoor Halloween-themed bachelorette party, consider renting a private room at a restaurant, bar, or club. Look for venues with a spooky or gothic vibe to match the theme. Alternatively, host the party at home and transform the space into a haunted house. Here are some decoration ideas:

  • Hang spider webs and fake bats from the ceiling
  • Use black and orange tablecloths, napkins, and plates
  • Place pumpkin and skull-shaped candles on tables
  • Create a DIY photo booth with Halloween props and backdrops
Halloween party table decor

Outdoor Venues

Hosting the bachelorette party outdoors can add to the eerie atmosphere. Look for venues such as gardens, parks, or even a haunted corn maze. Make sure to check the weather forecast and have a backup plan in case of rain. Here are some decoration ideas:

  • Place carved pumpkins with candles around the area
  • Hang ghostly sheets from trees or bushes
  • Use hay bales as seating and decoration
  • Create a bonfire area with spooky snacks and drinks

Halloween Decorations

Decorations are an essential part of a Halloween-themed bachelorette party. There are many ways to incorporate Halloween decorations into the party, from spooky centrepieces to creepy lighting. Some popular Halloween decorations include:

  • Pumpkins: Carved pumpkins with spooky designs can be used as centrepieces or placed around the party area.
  • Themed confetti: This “RIP Single Life” table confetti combines the Halloween theme with a bachelorette party perfectly.
  • Skeletons: Skeletons can be used as decorations or props for games.
  • Balloons: Consider spelling out a balloon message such as Till Death Do Us Party like this example!

Halloween Colours

The traditional colours of Halloween are black and orange. Black represents death and darkness, while orange represents the harvest and autumn. These colours can be used in various ways to create a spooky atmosphere at the party. For example, spiderweb table runners or these cute Halloween party dishes can add a touch of Halloween to the decor.

Venue Decoration Tips

No matter the venue, the right decorations can make or break the Halloween atmosphere. Here are some tips to elevate the decoration game:

  • Use dim lighting or candles to create a spooky ambiance
  • Play eerie music or sound effects to set the mood
  • Add a fog machine for a creepy effect
  • Use spooky-themed cocktails and snacks to match the theme

Photo Props

These fun Bride or Die photo props from the Gin & Gemini Etsy store also make great decor for a Halloween Bachelorette, as well as being the perfect addition to photos on the night.

Featuring 30 props and sassy slogans, they are printable and available instantly. We recommend laminating for extra durability.

Halloween Costumes

Costumes are another essential part of a Halloween-themed bachelorette party. Guests can dress up in spooky costumes, such as witches, vampires, or zombies. Alternatively, they can dress up in costumes that are related to the bride-to-be’s interests, such as movie characters or pop stars.

Group Costumes

Having co-ordinated outfits for any Bachelorette or Hen Party adds an extra layer of fun, and with a Halloween theme it’s a great excuse to go for all out costumes. Here are some ideas for group Halloween costumes:

  • The Sanderson Sisters: Fans of the movie “Hocus Pocus” can dress up as the iconic trio of witches. For example, the bride could dress as Winifred, the bridesmaids and maid of honor all as Mary, and the guests as Sarah. Or mix and match as you prefer.
  • Zombie Cheerleader: A group of zombie cheerleaders can be a fun and easy costume idea for a Halloween bachelorette party for any number of guests. Everyone can buy a co-ordinating costume like this, or simply wear tattered clothing.
  • Witch: A witch costume is a classic Halloween choice. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Get the whole gang to dress as witches to really rock the Halloween theme. You could opt for everyone to buy the same costume or allow people to source their own for a more individual look.

Themed shirts

Even if you opt for a costume for the main night of the celebration, you may also wish to have co-ordinating tshirts for more relaxed events during the bachelorette weekend.

A staple of many bachelorette and hen parties, custom shirts on the Halloween theme can be an easy outfit choice. Team with black accessories and black jeans, leggings or skirts.

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Halloween Themed Bachelorette Games

Games are a great way to incorporate the Halloween theme into the party.

Our instant download pack of Bride or Die 14 themed Bachelorette games are decorated in a Halloween style and will be the perfect addition to your hen party.

Clean and Dirty versions are included for several games. You can choose to either use one set or combine both meaning you don’t have to worry about embarrassing anyone – unless of course, that’s your aim!

What’s Included:

  1. Game instructions / Prep
  2. Guest most likely to
  3. How Old Was the Bride photo game
  4. Scavenger Hunt
  5. Would she rather…(clean)
  6. Would she rather…(dirty)
  7. 20 Questions about the Bride-to-be
  8. What did the Groom Say? (Clean)
  9. What did the Groom say? (Optional add on dirty questions)
  10. Never or Ever (Clean) – with optional Never / Ever cards
  11. Never or ever (Dirty)
  12. Over or Under
  13. Bride or Groom? -with optional Bride / Groom cards
  14. Memory of the Bride to Be

Escape Rooms

Booking an escape room experience would be a great activity to incorporate into a Halloween themed Bachelorette party and would encourage teambuilding and bonding.

Check the party setting’s local area for escape rooms near you, or for a more low key but engaging activity, order a printable escape room to complete at your venue!

Murder Mystery Evening

Another great interactive event to incorporate into the spooky theme, many hotels and venues host murder mystery nights. You can also hire companies to put on a murder mystery at a venue.

Alternatively, you can DIY this by purchasing a digital murder mystery kit or escape room.

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Spooky Food and Drink Ideas

Nothing adds more flavor to a Halloween themed party than some spooky food and drink ideas. Here’s some gruesome but delicious ideas to get you started!

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Witch’s Brew Punch:

  • Ingredients: Green punch (lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda), gummy worms, and dry ice.
  • Serve this eerie green punch with floating gummy worms, and add a small piece of dry ice for a smoky effect.

Blood Orange Margaritas

  • Ingredients: Tequila, triple sec, fresh blood orange juice, and lime juice.
  • Rim the glasses with black salt for a spooky look and garnish with a slice of blood orange.

Poison Apple Cocktail

  • Ingredients: Apple cider, caramel vodka, and a splash of grenadine.
  • Serve in black or red glasses with a slice of apple for garnish.

Black Widow Venom Punch

  • Ingredients: Blackberry liqueur, vodka, and a splash of club soda.
  • Serve with plastic spiders on the rim of the glass for extra creepiness.
clear drinking glass with green liquid inside
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Halloween themed party food ideas

Mummy Dogs

Wrap hot dogs in strips of crescent roll dough to create mummy-like wrappings. Add mustard or ketchup for the mummy’s eyes.

Witch Finger Cookies

Make sugar cookies in the shape of witch fingers and use almond slices for the fingernails.

Eyeball Meatballs

Make meatballs and place a pimento-stuffed olive on top to resemble an eyeball. Add red food coloring to marinara sauce for extra gore.

Devilled Eggs with “Spider” Olives

Make your regular devilled eggs but top them with sliced black olives in the shape of a spider.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Create a cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin and decorate with sliced almonds for a textured look.

Zombie Brain Dip

Make a creamy spinach and artichoke dip and use red food coloring to create a “zombie brain” effect.

halloween candies
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Halloween themed sweet treats

Candy Apples

Dip apples in red candy coating and add a “poison apple” label.

Caramel Popcorn

Serve in black and orange bags with spooky labels.

Halloween Cupcakes

Decorate cupcakes with Halloween-themed toppers, like witches’ hats or tombstones.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries with a Drizzle of Red “Blood”

Dip strawberries in white chocolate and drizzle with red icing to look like dripping blood.

Halloween cocktail red drink

Party Favors

Finally, send your guest home with some suitably spooky themed party favors. These editable favor tags are perfect for hangover kits and party bags. You can edit for free in Canva, or if you prefer, a non editable version is also available.

Choose Halloween themed bags and fill with spooky treats such as mini Halloween candles, customised shot glasses, and Halloween themed makeup.

A hangover survival kit is also another popular bachelorette party favour. We love this Halloween inspired hangover kit.

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Are you Planning a Spooky Bachelorette Party?

We hope this post has given you plenty of ideas for your Halloween themed bachelorette party. Know someone who is planning a spooky themed hen party? Be sure to share this post with them!

And don’t forget to grab your FREE Bachelorette Party Planner!

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